Riza [ree-zah] Marketing.

Search a little further for the story behind the name but the purpose is clear. This is a resource dedicated to teach entrepreneurs how to understand and engage with an online audience.

I help entrepreneurs develop an online marketing plan that...

Connects with their ideal audience

People are everywhere. The key is to find your IDEAL people and connect with them using the most effective online channels of communication.

Uses focused campaigns

Don't make your audience figure out which of your messages is relevant. Pick an audience and speak directly to them. Focused campaigns will deliver better results than broad messages, hands down!

Is research based

The details is in the data. No need to waste valuable resources on a shot in the dark. Review the data, ask questions, arrive at a solid online marketing plan.

Is organized & consistent

No more shots in the dark to see what may bring in new customers. With an organized schedule, your marketing will work effectively and with less effort.

Develop star-studded profiles

Every business profile should be a fabulous representation of that business. Google Reviews, Yelp, TripAdvisor are all resources consumers use to make buying decisions. Boost your online reputation with polished profiles and sharp images that represents all your business has to offer.

Takes their brand to the next level

Once you know your audience, developing a strategic marketing game plan complete with measurable results is a breeze! Contact me today to get started.

Our Process

Every project at Riza Marketing is business goal focused and research based. We begin with a conversation to learn more about your business and identify ideal customers. After careful research and analysis, I take your business GOALS and next level VISION to deliver a STRATEGIC online marketing plan.

Comprehensive Research

Focused Communication

Powerful Strategy

Measured Results