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Creating a Customer Avatar

Learn to think like your customer to know where to reach them and how to speak their language.

As a business owner, you may be thinking that you already know all these details and this isn’t the best use of valuable time.  As a business owner myself, I can’t disagree that time is scarce and you have to keep moving the needle. These are the two biggest reasons this process is a million-dollar benefit.

  1. You will feel much more confident and in control with your next marketing decision when you consider the needs of your customer/persona first.

  2. The light bulb moment your staff will have when they ALL know and understand the needs of the ideal customer.

Online Marketing is comprised of a wide variety of techniques for connecting and engaging with your audience. It’s nearly impossible to do all of them well. Persona (avatar) development will undoubtedly direct you to the areas of online marketing that reach your ideal customer and result in quality leads.

No technical stuff at this workshop. Just a whole lot of insight and brainstorming to help you get strategic about your marketing.