What is a Marketing Website?

This era has provided consumers with a convenience they have come to expect of any reliable source...access to accurate information with just a few search terms and clicks.

Without question, having a website is a requirement of running a competitive business. If you are a business owner that has asked yourself, “What do I have to do to make my website bring me new business?”. Then you may not have a marketing website. 

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Edith Duran
5 Reasons Your Online Advertising is Not Working for You

It’s 2019 and you’re doing your best keep up with digital marketing trends. Without a doubt, if the audience you want to reach uses the Internet then it’s an absolute must to have an online presence. Many business owners with no time to figure out the ins and outs of how each online marketing tool works will invest in advertising.

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Google Knows if You’ve Been Bad or Good

This is an amazing time to be an entrepreneur! It used to be that only the deep pocket corporations could reach the large audience. The cost of radio and TV advertising was out of the budget for the small business owner. It’s different now. The Internet has opened up marketing opportunities for small businesses to reach thousand of their ideal customer.

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How to Create Content your Customers find Valuable

As a small business owner, it’s our job to know the ins and outs of our craft, product details, develop efficient systems and manage just about everything to the best of our capacity. Inevitably, our entrepreneur minds evolve to an expert level of industry knowledge necessary to lead a successful business. At this expert level, we’ve worked hard to attain, it can become challenging to speak our customer’s language.

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Is Social Media Supposed to be Fun?

Often in a sarcastic tone, I get this question from business owners. The answer is, “YES, it can certainly be fun”. Believe me, as a business owner myself, social media sounds more like a chore than fun. Then there’s the question of do you know if you’re even doing it right or what should the business expect from your posts. Here are some tips to help you get a jump start and guidance on your social media.

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