How to Create Content your Customers find Valuable


As a small business owner, it’s our job to know the ins and outs of our craft. We need to know product details, areas for improvement and develop efficient systems. Basically, we manage just about everything to the best of our capacity. Inevitably, our entrepreneur minds evolve to an expert level of industry knowledge necessary to lead a successful business. At this level, that we’ve worked hard to attain, it can become challenging to remember to speak our customer’s language.

develop content that speaks to the reader

The ability to communicate directly to your potential customer is critical. It’s especially important when developing your online messaging. The content you create for your potential customers should answer their simple questions concisely. Too often, I see two extreme approaches to content development. Businesses that describe their services vaguely or businesses develop content that anticipates every possible customer question and answers questions in long explanations filled with technical jargon. Of course, if your ideal customer is expected to follow technical responses and industry jargon then don’t change a thing. However, if your potential customer is seeking professional services and expertise outside of their skill set then the best approach is to keep your messaging simple, concise and valuable.

address what your reader wants to know

“How do I know what my readers find valuable?” This is a common question among small business owners. Follow these recommendations to give you a jumpstart on developing content valuable to your reader.

Answer common questions

You know those questions that you get at every first meeting? Answer them on your website. It’s safe to assume that those common first consultation questions are the same burning questions potential customers also want to know. Take some time to develop concise answers to each of those questions. Give away your knowledge enough to demonstrate your expertise and personality.

If you don’t know, ask.

Surveys and interviews are excellent ways to learn more about your customer needs. Loyal clients will freely share their insight in appreciation for their great experience. At Riza Marketing, we make interviews part of our standard process for developing branding and website messaging. It not only saves the guesswork in identifying what potential customers are actually searching for.

These interviews have an invaluable purpose. And the reason for doing it is so simple. When you don't know ASK. In our efforts to grasp an understanding of how valuable a service is to a client, we ask a series of short questions designed to start the conversation then (pay attention here) all you do is listen. This process also allows us to make the shift from business owner’s goal to focusing on the consumer’s needs and thereby creating valuable content.

Use this opportunity to jumpstart your creative juices and deliver content your readers will appreciate. Please share this post if you’ve found it valuable.