Why your Bio Should be Powerful not Generic


Do you remember when you started your business? Maybe you can relate to this experience. At one time, your drive to deliver something unique to your customers was what kept you working at it for long hours for a low return. When you’re building something outstanding, that’s what you do. Then, you get to the day when you are so confident in your skills, the exceptional quality, and unique experience your business offers that you know exactly how to verbally describe what you offer to potential customers.

So why is it so hard when you have to put it down into text like on the About us page of your website or the bio of a presentation? The process might look something like writing a few lines then backspace to nearly the beginning. You write a few more lines, change around some words, then delete, write, delete until you settle on generic and bland text to describe what you do. Even though you know what you offer is far from generic and bland.

Too many businesses do a disservice to themselves and their customers by not taking the time to describe their unique qualities. Including unique qualities in your online text can be powerful in assisting a customer conversion. Identifying, the unique qualities of a business along with the leadership behind the vision will inevitably result in a series of wins.

When you can get narrowly specific in describing yourself, good things happen.

  1. Improve Keyword search rankings

    • With the overload of information available on the Internet nowadays, the best way to find what you’re looking for is to get specific, very specific. Similarly, when your text has specific and descriptive keywords, search engines will lead more visitors your way. Try it, it works!

  2. Intrinsically relate to your reader or listener.

    • That moment when your ideal customer reads your website content and says “Yes, this is what I’m looking for, I want to know more.” That is when your content is doing its job which is to connect with the right audience. Well written content will do that for you.

  3. Attract more ideal customers

    • When you get down and honest with what your business really offers, your reader can better decide if what you offer is a good fit. I know you don’t want to lose out on customers. You have a special skill that can provide a solution for a spectrum of people. It’s true, getting descriptive with your offerings and experience will connect with more of the customers you want.

  4. Attract fewer non-ideal customers

    • We all have them. That customer that isn’t quite right for what you offer. When your text is generic and your About page doesn’t get specific about who you are and what you do then you will certainly attract people across the spectrum. Those non-ideal customers will only waste your time and theirs.

  5. Establish your expertise in your field.

    • Get down to what you REALLY do well and highlight the details. Show your audience where your special corner in the industry is and why you should be trusted further. Highlighting what you do best speaks volumes about your training and dedication to your learning.

Have you written an awesome bio? If so, share it with me here.

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