3 Tips to Help the Struggling Blogger Boost Web Traffic

Boost web traffic with Blogging and SEO.jpg

Everyone says it, “You have to Blog! If you want your website to be found then you have to blog.” How is that working out for you? Seriously, I’m very curious about the success of your blogging strategy. 

It’s true, content is King AND Queen. If your ultimate goal is to increase traffic to your website then there’s more to the story. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, there is A LOT of content out there and perhaps some of it is similar to your own blogs. No need to give up on your strategy. Instead, improve your visibility by incorporating these three things.

1. Improve your Search Engine Optimization with Strategic Keywords

Blogs without search engine optimization are essentially leaving it to chance to be found. For those of you that find satisfaction in expressing your thoughts and sharing your knowledge, increasing visibility may not be your primary goal. Honestly, who prefers fewer people find their blogs? Those of you that are busy blogging and would like to increase the number of viewers will want to incorporate a keyword and search engine optimization strategy to your blogging strategy. 

2. Post, Share, Post again

Next, share your content on all your social media platforms. Invite others to comment and share your blog post. Don’t ignore comments. Honest feedback and audience engagement is huge! Not only do the search engines pick up on this added activity but the reader feedback received can become a valuable resource. Good audience comments could provide insight into your audience’s challenges leading you to more topic ideas.

3. Distribute to your Email Database

If you haven’t started building an email list start now or as soon as possible. Although email seems old school, it is still an effective method for delivering your brand’s valuable content to a loyal audience. A strong email list consists of people just waiting for your next newsletter or announcement. When you create fans of your content they can’t wait to not only open it but also share it with others.

Incorporate these three things into your blogging strategy and you will quickly see website analytics numbers improving, audience engagement increase and followers contributing their thoughts. Give this a try and let me know how it goes. 

I’m always interested to know if you find this information helpful. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.