Positive Marketing Defined

Say something worth saying

If you follow me on Instagram, then you've noticed #positivemarketing. This is something I use in posts to let my audience know the intention behind my message is to provide value.  

In Marketing, both ends of the spectrum look completely different. One side is riddled with in your face sales tactics designed to rudely interrupt your flow that lead you towards a trail of non-specific details, no personality design, and spammy, stalker-like ads. I don't want to call this #negativemarketing because this can be effective for some businesses. Regardless of the result, the marketing message (on it's own) has little value to the reader. 

The other end of the spectrum is marketing with an intriguing message. Audiences seek out more from this source because they deliver trustworthy and useful information that is not disruptive at all. As a matter of fact, it is so valuable audiences want to save it and share it. When your marketing is part of the conversation instead of a disruption that is a positive result. #positivemarketing

Edith Duran